How to Make Money on Mixer

Have you ever thought about how streamers make money from online gaming? There are so many popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch or Mixer. It’s easy to create a channel there, but what about earning?

The mixer is a live video game streaming platform. It was first launched as Beam by Microsoft in 2016 and later year renamed Mixer. This streaming service is giving competition to another popular online gaming platform, Twitch. In fact, in 2019, Mixer signed the famous Twitch streamer Ninja, along with King Gothalion and Shroud. Hence, it gained attention.

However, Mixer is gaining popularity slowly. Consequently, it’s affecting revenue. Sometimes, the streamers face problems collecting their paychecks. So, how does a streamer make money on Mixer?

The answer is mostly through donations, crowdfunding, and sponsorships. However, the newcomers may still wonder whether this is the best streaming platform for them or not.

So, let’s find out how to make money on Mixer in the following article.

How Do Streamers Make Money on Mixer?

Well, streamers generally make money via donations, subscriptions or tips from viewers. These platform currencies like Sparks, Embers are then converted into cash.

Additionally, streamers work with different merchandise. Even they can create their own merchandise for the channel. Furthermore, streamers earn through affiliated marketing. They can link their profile to appropriate sites for the viewers. Like the gear or software they’re using while playing. If a viewer purchases it using that link, the streamer will get a commission.

How Much Can a Streamer Make on Mixer?

If you’re new to Mixer, then don’t expect to earn a six-figure within a month. It takes time to build a fan base. How much a streamer can make money generally depends on the number of viewers. Once you gain the audience, you’ll start earning on Mixer.

Fan, viewers always may wonder how much gamers make money. You’ll be surprised to know that Microsoft offered Ninja $20 million to $30 million/year to switch to Mixer from Twitch. However, not every streamer get paid like this.

Eventually, Mixer streamers earn from individual contributors. Embers are worth $0.01 for every viewer who uses Skills during the streaming. That is 100 Embers are valued $1 for a streamer. So, if a viewer purchase Skills with 1000 Embers, the streamer will get $10.

How to Make Money on Mixer?- Monetization Source

As already said, you can create income on Mixer. But first and foremost, build the audience. Depends on your audience size, monetization is possible.

However, being a popular streamer can give you further opportunities. Let’s see the monetization sources to make money on Mixer.

1. Build Your Fan Base

To make money, build your fan base first. With small viewers, it’s likely to be impossible to earn. Also, neither you get into the Mixer partnership program nor a sponsor.

So, it’s important to realize how to build and engage with your viewers. Create exclusive content, find your niche. Make sure you provide them high-quality content. Don’t forget to use a green screen behind you.

Communicating is an essential key for streamers. You can’t ignore what your viewers are saying. Interact with them, respond to their comments. As a result, they will get familiar with you and share your content.

2. Ask For Donation

This is the most common way to make money for steamers. Ask your followers to donate. However, you will need a third-party donation system to receive money directly. There is no limit on what you want to do to make money.

Along with Paypal, Patreon is a good platform to sign up for donation. It allows you to receive a particular amount each month. Obviously, you will need to give them some percentage in exchange.

Additionally, some exclusive contents by streamers are only available to paid viewers. Thus, you can earn more money. Hence, more comfortable to engage with your fans.

Or else, you can introduce a tier system. The more your viewers donate, the more they get access. Usually, they have access to your private group chat, Q&A sessions, etc.

However, instead of asking for donations, remind them of the Sparks and Embers.

3. Register as Mixer Partner

Another way to make money on Mixer is through platform currency. Before that, you need to register as a Mixer partner. Sparks and Embers avail you to earn real money.

Viewers collect Sparks by watching Mixer content. It is used to trigger your Skills on the channel. Skills are nothing but stickers, gifs, and other effects that viewers buy to send. Once viewers collect enough Sparks to launch a skill, you’ll get actual cash.

On the other hand, Embers are used to purchase premium skills. Every Ember worths $0.01 to a streamer. However, there is no such particular value for Spark.

Even though it sounds easy to earn Sparks or Ember, you have to register with Mixer first. To become a Mixing partner, follow the below criteria.

  • Minimum of two month’s older account
  • Minimum of 2000 followers
  • At least 12 streams/month
  • 25 hours streamed/month

However, before approving the partnership, Mixer will check for your channel quality. Mixer mostly focuses on channels with professionalism, uniqueness, and community building. If it doesn’t look professional and consistent, they may reject you.

On the contrary, sometimes without the above criterion. Mixer avails the partnership. A channel with 1,00,000+ views in the past 30 days onYouTube or 300+ viewers on Twitch is exceptional. Some other cases, like celebrity or organization based channels, can get Mixer partnership quickly.

4. Find A Sponsor

Sponsorship is a great way for streamers to earn money. Companies give money to promote their products on the channel. Once a viewer purchases it, the streamer will get a commission.

However, if you’re new, you have to work really hard. Pitch your channel and convince them.

Eventually, when you become famous, it will be easy to get attention. Top companies will offer you sponsorship to work with them. The sponsorship details generally depend on the brand and streamer.

5. Brand Promotion

When you get sponsorships, you can start promoting their brand. Big brands may make a deal with you.

However, you will need a big audience size. Otherwise, no companies will take an interest in promoting their brand on your channel. But as already said, if you are already popular on other streaming platforms, brands may still make deals with you.

6. Add Affiliate Links-Direct Purchases

The alternative way of sponsorship is activating the direct purchase program. Promoting the game on your channel can create an income source.

When a user plays a game consistently, he can direct purchase it. For each purchase from your Mixer channel, gives you 5% of the amount. Additionally, you may earn $3 for each user who signs up for the game. Also, only the games in Microsoft are available in direct purchase.

So, affiliate the links with your channel. You will get a small portion each time anyone will click on the link or buy it. However, as a streamer, you can choose which to promote.

For example, you may provide the Amazon Associates Program link for the hardware or software you’re using while playing. When a viewer buys something via the link, you’ll earn an amount.

7. Sell Merchandise

Still wondering about how to make money on Mixer? Well, sell merchandise on your channel to boost the revenue. Products like t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs with your logo or gaming logo increase the sales.

Or else, you can customize the products as per your choice. Reach out to the artists who can create designs for you. Some online stores like Teespring, Redbubble, etc are good choices to sell the merchandise.

Twitch vs. Mixer- Which One is Better to make Money?

The monetization source is similar in both Twitch and Mixer. But, Mixer has no subscription fee whereas, Twitch earns extra on the monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription fee on Twitch is $9.99 and $24.99. However, the streamers get 50% of $4.99 per month. The other 50% goes to Twitch.

Additionally, the Twitch partner program offers $3 for 1000 ad views and $5/month for each subscriber. Furthermore, the Twitch affiliate program pays the streamer $5 for each subscriber clicks the link.

Final Note

On a final note, if one seriously wants to make money on Mixer, build a loyal following. Upgrading the equipment, using a high-quality webcam and capture card to reduce the PC strain, is further essential. However, as a streamer, you must put in a fair amount of time. In the beginning, it may not seem easy to build up viewers. But sooner or later, it becomes easy to get the exposure. Above all, you need a bit of luck. Don’t just focus on making money, but the fun as well. Maintain your gaming and streaming quality on Mixer. Eventually, people start talking about you more.

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