How does Venmo Make Money in 2020?

Everyone knows about Paypal and its functions. But, did you know that PayPal owns a whole other transaction app called Venmo? Yes, Venmo is a fun yet very useful app that is getting immense popularity nowadays. The app is fun because a user can use it as a social network where he can comment on … Read more

How Much Money Do You Start With In Monopoly?

monopoly money

Board games are always a hit in family gatherings or even while spending a dull evening. Undoubtedly one of the most popular board games is Monopoly. In early 1934, Charles B. Darrow invented Monopoly, which was officially launched by Parker Brother in the later year. Now the game has become so popular that if anyone … Read more

How to Get Rich Slowly but Surely?

get rich slowly

For centuries there have been so-called gurus peddling many get rich quick schemes. It’s an attractive idea. That there would be some way to get rich in less time than it should normally take. The problem is that many of these schemes really don’t work. They get those gurus rich, but the people paying for … Read more

How do Nonprofits Make Money?

how do nonprofits make money

Nonprofits do not traditionally make money or profit. Though the term “nonprofit” sounds like “no money,” it has another prospect in making money. Their main mission is to earn profit for an organization in different ways, like charity, donations, funds, conducting sports competitions, selling tickets for cultural or educational or literal performances, religious offerings, etc. … Read more

How to Save Money During Pandemic in America?

save money during pandemic

A lot of things happened during the rise of the pandemic early this year. The entire globe was taken aback by how fast the virus spread, affecting the world’s economy. Many businesses were closing, unemployment rose, and financial struggles arose as an after-effect. This has been very alarming for every American. A few months after … Read more

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

how much does a home inspection cost

A home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. The average cost may cost you between $300 – $500 according to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. If the inspection unearths a major problem, such as mold or a crevice in the foundation, the sale could come to a halt. A … Read more

How to Make Money without a Job – 23 Easy and Legit Ways

how to make money without a job

There you are thinking, “is that even possible to make money without a job?” Well, the answer is yes! Today, it’s a ton easier to make money with little effort. You can thank technology for that. Even if you have a 9-5 job, everyone needs extra cash. It does not matter you are unemployed, retired … Read more

How does Venmo Work: The Definitive Guide

how does Venmo work

Do you know what millennials don’t use often? Cash. They’re transitioning to more and more electronic transactions every day. In fact, a recent study showed that 20% of young adults used less than $5 cash per month! This is definitely exciting news to the many fast-rising mobile payment services, such as Venmo. “Just Venmo me” is … Read more

How to Become a Property Manager: The Definitive Guide

how to become a property manager

There are several things in life that everyone needs, such as food, water, and oxygen. Somewhere to live is on that list too. Though everyone requires a roof over their head, not everyone can afford their own property. With the economy not doing great, there are people who can no longer afford to pay their … Read more