How to Make Money as a Freelance Programmer

make money as a freelance programmer

Earning more is not a bad idea, no matter how much you make. Still, extra income always looks fascinating and helps fulfill the needs and luxury both. Yes! We know that the salary of software engineers is usually very high. They can explore other options to get extra income every month. After evaluating the current … Read more

Should Bloggers Hire an Accountant?

should bloggers hire an accountant?

These days everybody is looking for a side hustle to make passive income. One of the best ways to do this is to start a blog and make money with affiliate marketing. The idea is that you create a website based on a certain product or activity and write informational articles that people are searching … Read more

How Does Zillow Make Money? Successful Zillow Business Model

how does zillow make money

Are you in the real estate business? Then listing your property in Zillow can be beneficial for you. Being an online real estate marketplace, it offers different services to home buyers, sellers,  renters, real estate agents, property managers, mortgage professionals etc. Generally, their services include advertising tools and other features for real estate agents and … Read more

How Does Google Make Money

how does google make money

Google is a big tech company popularly known for its search engine, web browser, email and other online tools. Its website is the most visited site globally. In fact, Google yearly processes over 1.2 trillion searches. It’s huge, right? But if all services are free, then how does Google make money? The core business model … Read more

Honey Business Model – How Does Honey Make Money?

how does honey make money

Whether you’re ordering a dress or pizza online, getting discounts is a great pleasure. Even retailers also utilize this opportunity to increase sales. Honey acts as a free browser extension that automatically finds the best deals for you. Founded in 2012 in Los Angelos, California, Honey has become a major tool for e-commerce websites. Later … Read more

How to Make Money on Steam Fast in 2021

how to make money on steam

Needless to say that the evolution of technologies is responsible for opening up new opportunities, which were almost impossible in the past. Working from your own home’s comfort zone is now possible because of innovation like the internet and the evolution of gadgets. Admit it or not, many people have overcome the lockdown period due … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Start Investing in your Future

investing for future

Investing in yourself and your future doesn’t just mean buying stocks. Self-care, exercise, learning, and saving money are all forms of investing in oneself, and anything that lends itself to personal or professional growth can be considered the same.  Because the more time and energy you give to working on yourself, the more value you … Read more

Realistic and Reliable Ways to Make Money in 2021

make money in 2021

Financial freedom is a goal that everyone should strive for. Simply speaking, this refers to having the financial means to do whatever you want, whenever you want. For some people, this means being able to comfortably pay for your mortgage. For others, this means going on vacation whenever they want. If we have learned anything … Read more

How Does WhatsApp Make Money

whatsapp revenue model

Who doesn’t familiar with the app WhatsApp nowadays? From personal to business usage, WhatsApp has become an essential part of everyone’s daily life. WhatsApp is a free messaging service as an alternative version of SMS. Moreover, it is currently the most popular mobile messaging app, with 2 billion users worldwide as of October 2020. WhatsApp … Read more

6 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money

passive income

Passive income sounds ideal – you do nothing, and you get money. Sadly, many people have this misconception when it comes to passive income. In reality, most forms of passive income require some effort on your part. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth with. With so many people losing their jobs due to … Read more