Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay? Here’s Your Answer


Apple Pay is a convenient and secure way to pay for something at the self-checkout counters (physical stores) and as well as online.  Since Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement markets that has everything for a homeowner and professional, you may wonder does Home Depot take Apple Pay. In this article, you’ll … Read more

Forever Home VS Starter Home: Which Is Best For You?

best home

Congratulations, you have decided to take the plunge and buy a home. You must decide if this is your first or forever home. Texas has something to offer everyone. The various landscapes all have their own exceptional characteristics. Whether you plan on moving to a ranch or city, Texas real estate has everything. When choosing … Read more

5 Most Common Employee Complaints- Toxic Work Culture

Employee Harassment

Amid ongoing global protests against racial injustice, discrimination, and gender inequality, more and more workers are standing up against toxic work culture to abolish unjust practices and behaviors within the workplace. But what makes for a toxic workplace? Discrimination, harassment, lack of inclusivity, lack of diversity, unhealthy competition, and abusive management are all components of … Read more

The 5 Most Common Types of Workplace Discrimination in Chicago

workplace law

According to the law, everybody has a right to work in an environment that is free of harassment, discrimination or bullying. Discrimination, on whatever grounds, can ruin your right to be respected and lower your dignity. Bullying can affect your wellbeing, job security, performance as an employee resulting in termination. In Chicago, bullying at the … Read more

Are Timeshares Worth It? Benefits and Risks Explained


Have you ever thought about buying a timeshare? Maybe the sales presentation convinced you that owning one is an investment. Maybe you’d love to have your own holiday home that you can visit for two weeks in the year. It sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong. Let me tell you why. Is a Timeshares … Read more

How to Win Workers’ Comp Case

workers compensation

While workers’ comp insurance policies are considered a staple for most businesses, and these policies can help employees make ends meet after experiencing an injury while on the job, many employees make simple yet costly mistakes when claiming. Because an injury can leave you battling to stick to a budget as your income is placed … Read more

How Does Craigslist Make Money – Craigslist Business Model Explained 2021


Digital advertisements are very popular nowadays than traditional advertisements in magazines or newspapers. It’s easy to access through the internet to buy or sell something. Moreover, putting ads online is cheaper and convenient to reach people than in classified sections of a newspaper. Therefore, online classified advertising websites like Craigslist are popular to post listings … Read more

How Does Instacart Make Money – Instacart Business Model Explained 2021


Digital technology has changed the way people get their daily jobs done. For example, online grocery services like Instacart have made grocery shopping and delivery easier. Instacart is a grocery delivery platform that lets users order from their favorite grocery stores across the US and Canada. It connects the users with personal shoppers who shop … Read more

How Does Twitter Make Money – Twitter Business Model Explained 2021


Twitter is a real-time, global social media platform. Along with the common people, most celebrities now do tweets on a daily basis. With its enormous reach, Twitter gained 330 million active users worldwide in 2020. In the third quarter of the same year, Twitter makes money around $936.26 million. But Twitter doesn’t show ads, unlike … Read more

How Does Yelp Make Money – Yelp Business Model Explained 2021


Every new small business needs opportunities and resources to get exposure and drive more customers. Yelp, being the popular crowd-sourced local business review and marketing site, helps people to access such businesses online. Founded in 2004, Yelp has become an online directory to discover and connect with local businesses like restaurants, bars, cafes, spas, salons, … Read more