Changing Your Summer Wardrobe To A Fall Wardrobe Without A Large Budget

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Almost everyone I know looks forward to the changing of the seasons especially from summer to fall. However if you have a small clothing budget you might not look forward to this time of the year because you cannot afford to buy the newest and the greatest when it comes to your wardrobe. There is no reason to worry and get upset when you see the weather start to change as well as the window dressings at your favorite stores. You probably already have the perfect foundation for a stylish fall wardrobe hanging in your closet and you might not have to dip too far into your clothing budget to update your wardrobe.

Keep Your Maxi Dresses Out

Maxi dresses are not just for the summer anymore. You can use them straight into the cooler fall weather. So before you reposition them to the back of the closet to hang there until next summer you can refashion them. This can be done by wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath them or even with a belted blazer or sweater. The trick to wearing the maxi dress throughout the fall season as well is to layer up and then add a belt to define your waist. This will give you the fall casual look you are aiming for.

Add Tights To Your Look

By simply adding tights to your outfit you will find that you can change the pattern, color and texture of your outfit and aim it more towards the look of fall. The cost of tights will not break your budget as they usually cost $6 to $15 per pair but they will give you many different options to select from when trying to extend the life of your summer skirts and dresses. For the perfect pair of tights you can select opaque tights. Many come in a cable knit version with plenty of texture to add to your look. You will be able to wear them with your sweaters or even with your summery tunics and stay warm at the same time.

Invest In A Jacket That Will Make A Statement

Purchasing a jacket that will make a fashion statement might cut into your budget a little bit but you will find that it will be a purchase that is worth it. You can change the complete look of your outfit simply by adding a jacket or a blazer of some sort over the shirt, sweater or dress that you already have on. It is recommended to purchase one jacket that will go with all of your summer clothing as well as your fall clothing.

Deeper And Darker Colors

The spring and summer clothes are usually known to have bright and neon colors with some pastels mixed in. Of course the minute the calendar changes and it flips to fall you think you should hide those clothes in the back of your closet. However by adding a set of darker clothes to the mix you can extend those clothes that you thought were a lost cause into the fall as well. This can also be accomplished by adding large pieces of jewelry into your wardrobe that are the deeper and darker colors of fall.


Every woman loves to add boots to their wardrobes and love the looks that can be created just by adding this type of footwear. These are the perfect item to pair with your spring and summer clothing items to extend the life of your wardrobe into another season.

The change of the seasons does not mean that you need to hit the malls to start shopping for an entire new wardrobe. By making simple changes and additions to your current wardrobe you will find that you can stick to your budget and still create a new look.



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