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tax seasonWith the time of the year meant for fretting over tax season, we can all happily get back to the normal routine of life. However, before jumping into it we need to take care of a little but very important thing at first. This is to plan out how we are going to manage out financial status for the next year, how the shortcomings for this year have to be overcome for the coming one and how the good points have to be retained as well. It does not matter if you keep all your pay slips inside a cardboard box and collect them like a couple of stamps. Alternatively, have organized them neatly in a pdf format in your computer both things will require additional effort from your side which will be too time taking. So to make that easier we have been looking for apps that will assist you in sorting all this out while shortening the amount of time you’ll have to put in the whole ordeal.


It is one of a kind app that will help you to a very large extent since it offers to not only to prepare a budget, but also helps you in managing it and keeping track of it regularly. This app works on the pattern where it keeps every account that is registered with it up to date and hence it enables the user to keep track of all his investments via a single source. Moreover, it only helps the fact that this application was upgraded in March and is better than ever.

Credit Sesame

This app is one handy thing, you can do multiple things just with one app when it comes to Credit Sesame, and this app offers you the facility of keeping track of your credit score and also regulates your loans from one single place. This app is a boon for those who do not own a credit card since with it you have a free access to your credit score without having a credit card as a pre-requisite. The perks just don’t stop here it will update you about your credit score. This means you can keep a keen track of your score along with the progress of your loans, and this can be of great help if you are someone who is looking forward to increasing his score and maximize his savings.

Gas Cubby

Taking care of your car can sometimes become too complicated and when you have more than one then it is an altogether different story. This particular app can help you to keep track of the maintenance and performance of your cars efficiently, it is fully equipped to even make detailed reports about various aspects, and these reports will as detailed as any other excel report.

AAA TripTik Mobile

If you are one to travel you are going to love this app, since it can single-handedly get you the recent prices of gas and running hotel offers while also keeping you on track with its GPS system.

Play cloud

this app is for the die hard shoppers and anyone who likes shopping. It will keep an immaculate track of the reward points you earn or the coupons you have. It also helps you to find a store just by its name or whereabouts.

Tip calculator

As the name suggests this app is meant for calculating the tip, but it also enables the user to use facebook and twitter.

Angie’s List Mobile

This app provides you with a host of reviews and options to pick from; you can find anyone from a plumbing service to home repair here.

Red Laser

This app is one to save you money, it can scan all barcodes and then find what stores are selling them and at which price. It even includes the price of the product online so that you can choose from where to buy.

Checkbook HD

This app is very handy for maintaining your accounts as it acts like a real checkbook; you can even sync it with other IPads and make payments.


This app assists you to keep an eye on what you purchased and for how much, it prepares detailed reports about it.

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