Summer Solutions For Your Children

child enjoying summerAs a parent summer break from school is always a difficult and often frustrating time for you.  Without your kids in school it is hard to decide how to keep them busy while you are working, running errands, or filling the gap of time between activities.  If you are looking to find something for them to do during these times for either part time or full time options you are reading the correct article.

Hire A Nanny For The Summer

The good news here is that the number of people looking for jobs to fill their time during the summer is plenty.  There are students as well as teachers that are looking for ways to earn some extra money so you probably will not have to look far.  The easiest way to find someone who is looking for work is by word of mouth so once you figured out what you are looking for start asking around.  Having a nanny can be lifesavers for the way too busy parents who work or the stay at home parent whom simply just need some free time to themselves.

Start A Nanny Camp

A nanny camp is similar to a nanny share program but it is only for the summer.  The goal here is to find more than one family in your neighborhood who is also looking for a nanny.  Once you find that then you hire the nanny together.  The idea behind this is that you are still hiring a babysitter for the summer but with more than one or two families it will be more like a summer camp setting that someone who is just sitting around the house doing nothing.  It will definitely be less expensive than summer camp.

Babysitting Co-op

A babysitting co-op is when three or more families need a babysitter but want to save money and time.  This is where several families decide to take turn watching other family’s children while they are doing their own thing.  They will offer to do this free of charge in exchange for the other family babysitting their children the next time.  This is something that needs to be very organized to make it work.

Day Camps

For those who would rather not use a nanny service a summer day camp program might be the solution for you.  However the downside for these camps are that they can be very expensive and the days are usually very long.  This can make for a tired child or children once you are at home for the evening.


The summer can offer you child the extra help that they need if they are having a difficult time in a certain subject.  Many teachers offer tutoring services over the summer.  This extra learning opportunity can prove to be a nice change of pace for your child throughout the summer.

Extra Curricular Activities

If you have an active child that does not or cannot sit still an extra curricular activity might be a good idea.  It will keep them active as well as get them out of your hair for a little while a few days a week.

Hybrid Plan

Having a hybrid plan can be a mixture of several different choices of these activities.  This can help from keeping your children from getting bored.  This will allow you to get the hours you need to get things done.

Care Through The School District

Not all school districts offer summer care but many of them do.  You will need to check with your local school district to find out but if you are lucky enough to have this option you will find that it is a great option to have.  They are fun activity filled days that will go quickly for your children.

All of the above options are great options to have.  If you are looking for summer care for your children any of them will work for you.  It all comes down to how much money you want to spend and what your personal preferences are.

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