Ways To Stop Spending So Much Money


Everyone knows that they are always spending too much money but they do not know what to do about it. Trying to save money is almost an impossible task when you have a bad habit of spending. It can be a very hard habit to break and we never stop spending to calculate exactly how much the cost of our habit is. In this article you will find tips on how to stop spending and how to curb the spending habits we have gotten into.

Stop Falling For Sales

Everyone will almost always fall for a good sale. However if you are trying to save your money it might be difficult to avoid the sale advertisements that have signs placed just where you will see them and sales pitches that will draw in even the most stubborn of customers. What you need to do to avoid this spending trap is to not fall for the sales pitch that is being thrown at you. Some of the pitches used to draw you in will be “limited time only”, “buy one get one free” or even “buy one get one at a discount”. There is usually a catch with these phrases. It might mean that something is getting ready to expire or the price is eventually going to go down permanently after you make the purchase.


Ignore The “I want”

Often times it is not even us that is the one spending our money. Many times it is our children and believe it or not even the tiniest amount will add up over time. An example of this is the child standing in the check out line at the grocery store screaming for a candy bar. It might be easier to avoid the public meltdown of the child by simply buying the candy bar. However that small amount can turn into a large amount over a larger period of time.   To fix this problem you will need to practice saying no. Once you do not fall into the temper tantrum fit that he or she will throw the first couple of times it will get easier and soon enough the child will stop asking.


Make Your Credit Cards Work For You

The disadvantage to having credit cards is that when we use them we will tend to spend more than we should. This is because of convenience. People like the thought of spending money now and paying for it later. Unfortunately many people will not pay off the credit card at the end of the month and they will be deep in debt before they know it. The way to correct the problem of falling into debt with your credit cards is to select a credit card, which has a reward programs that offers cash back. This way you will earn cash back for every purchase you make. The important thing to remember is when you use your credit card you will need to be sure that you pay it off in full every month so that you do not end up deep in debt.

Many of us will spend money without thinking and before you know it the money you have earned is already gone. There are ways to stop this bad habit of spending. First you should always carry cash and be sure to not cheat by putting purchases on your credit cards. And finally you should fight the impulse and stick to your shopping list. When you have a list you will find that it will be easier to stay focused on your priorities. Before you know if you will see your savings account starting to build.

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