Smart Investments To Make In The Winter Season


When you are sitting at home during the winter months because it is too cold and snowy to venture outside you might be wondering what you can do with your time as well as your money.  If you are interested in investing this might be the perfect time of season for you to start.  There are several different types of investments that are smart moves to make during the winter season.

Vail Resorts

If you are a ski lover you will be happy to learn that there is a publically traded ski resort.  This resort is called Vail Mountain Resorts.  Many investors are surprised to learn that the stocks of this type spike during the winter season.  This is because skiing and other types of winter sports become popular for a few months and the companies see an increase in reservations as well as other amenities.  The other good news with Vail Resorts is that they recently announced new plans to build a new resort at Utah’s Park City.  This is going to be the largest US mountain resort and will be a $50 million investment.  Once investors started to find out about this project the Vail Resorts stock started to soar.

Johnson & Johnson

As America’s largest pharmaceutical company when the weather gets cold the company does even better.  The reason behind this is a true one.  People tend to get sick more often when it is cold and snowy outside.  Therefore, his or her skin gets chapped.  Chapped skin leads to the consumer purchasing body lotions, chap stick and medications.  These are the products that Johnson & Johnson are known for.  For this reason the winter season makes for a perfect time to invest in this company and watch your money grow.

Douglas Dynamics

Many people have never heard of Douglas Dynamics.  This is because unless it is a snowy winter the name is not spoken of very often.  This company is the maker of snowplows and salt spreaders so of course the wintertime is going to be the best time of the year to invest in this company.  In fact you will find that the wetter and colder the season is the better your investment will turn out to be.

Compass Minerals International

Another popular company that supplies highway salt during the winter to states across the United States is called Compass Minerals International.  When the wet winter season rolls around the highway salt business starts booming.  Last year was one of the wettest winters on record and that helped this company to increase the amount of dividends dramatically.  With the predictions of this winter being another wet one you can almost guarantee that this company will be a great one to invest in.

Columbia Sportswear

Any maker of winter coats and boots will be a good company to invest in during the winter season but Columbia Sportswear is probably one of the best.  This is because the brand name is a favorite when it comes to athletes who perform in the winter as well as the everyday customer.  This is a brand that will keep you warm as well as being in style too.

Making a new investment anytime during the year can make an investor feel scared and nervous.  If you are looking for investments to make during the winter months the above examples are some of the best to stat investing in.  As always investments are a risky business so you should know what you are doing before trying to invest by yourself.  If you have questions you can ask a financial adviser for assistance.

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