What To Do When You Have A Small Food Budget

food budget

There comes a time in everyone’s life where there is just not enough money in the checking account at the end of the month but there is not anything in the pantry either.  What should happen when you need to put food on the table to feed yourself and your family but there is not much money to make many purchases?  This article will help to show you a few strategies to put food on the table with a very small food budget.

Clean Out Your Pantry And Refrigerator

The first step to the solution of little food and little money is to go through and account for everything you have in the pantry and refrigerator.  There are many different types of food that get forgotten about and end up pushed to the very back.  Not only will this exercise give you the advantage of cleaning out the old food but also it will often inspire different kinds of meals.  For example you might find a box of something that has a recipe on the side of it that looks delicious.  You should go for it and try something new.  It is also important to remember that the sell by date on the package does not mean that the item has expired.  It is very easy to plan meals from these items and you will find that you will not need to make a trip to the grocery store.

Search Through the Grocery Store Flyers

Every week your local grocery store issues a flyer.  These flyers will show you what items are on sale during that week as well as having coupons for discounts.  Many people will consider these flyers as junk mail and will usually toss them into the trashcan.  These should be looked at carefully and you can use them to plan your meals for that week.  By using items that are on sale with the additional discounts you will find yourself living easy on a small budget.

 Focus On Foods That Can Fill You Up

There are many different types of foods know as “calorie per penny” foods that will fill you up as well as provide nutrition but still only cost you pennies when you are shopping.  Examples of these foods are rice, which is very cheap and very filling.  It can also be used to create several tasty meals.  Another example of this type of food is oatmeal.  This can be used as a breakfast meal but also as other meals throughout the day.  Not only will it not cost you very little but will fill you up as well.

 Shop By Yourself With A List

A key item to shopping on a small food budget is to make a list and the head to the grocery store by yourself.  It is important that you purchase only what is on your shopping list and if you have someone else tag along with you for example your children you will find yourself with extra items in your cart and then you will no longer be sticking to your budget.

 Shop At The Cheapest Grocery Stores

When you set out to hit the grocery store you should not head towards the one that you know will cost you the most money when shopping there.  You should find a store such as Aldi, Fareway or other local grocery store chains that will have the cheapest prices on items.  You might be surprised to find that they will even carry some of the name brand items as well.

Many people will panic when they realize that they do not have enough money to head to the grocery store.  However before you panic you should clean out the pantry and it the cheap store with the local grocery fliers in your hand.  With this process you will find yourself saving plenty of money and will be on the road to eating again.

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