Online Banking Made More Secure With A Few Simple Tips

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With the increase of technology in the world today online banking is becoming more and more popular with each passing day.  It is a new option that is usually pretty simple to use and can be used anywhere you will have access to the Internet.  Many people are now using it through their home and/or work computers as well as their mobile phones or tablets.  However unfortunately these new ways of banking are also easy ways to lead people to gaining access to your bank accounts and committing fraud.  The good news is that there are many ways to keep yourself and your bank account safe.  Keep reading below to find out how.

Sign Up For An Account With Two Factor Authentication

One of the most important things you can do today to be sure that your account is safe is to find an account that has two-factor authentication.  Because the online banking industry is so open to fraudulent activity many banks are offering a small device that is used to give you a new and unique code every time you log in.  The code that is given to you will only be valid for a short period of time and will be required along with your user name and password to get access to your online banking accounts.

Have A Strong Password

Often times having a password is not enough to deter criminal activity on your account.  The best way to be sure that no one will obtain access to your account you should be sure that you have a strong password.  It is recommended that you use upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and special characters to create your password.  It is also recommended not to use a password that someone can easily figure out such as your pet’s name or your birth date and you should change your password at least once per quarter.

Keep Your Computer Secure

You should always keep your computer secure at all times.  Your computer should also be kept up to date with a secure firewall and an antivirus software.  This will help you to keep your computer safe from people who try to hack into your software to steal your personal information.

Log Out Of Your Accounts

Another important step in securing your accounts is to log our when you are finished.  Whenever you finish your online session with your bank you should always be sure to sign off and log out of your accounts.  This will give you assurance that no one will be able to obtain unauthorized access to your account and get your personal banking information.

Have Account Notifications

Many banking facilities are now offering the option of having notifications set up on your accounts.  These notifications will alert you to certain activities that are happening on your accounts.  Examples are if large amounts of money are withdrawn or if your account balances goes below a set amount.  If such activities happen you will get a message by either email or text on your telephone.

All of these safeguards are great when they are used properly however the best advice that can be given is to monitor your accounts often.  With access of your accounts online you should be able to look daily to be sure that there is no funny business happening within the account.  If there is you will be able to stop it immediately instead of waiting until your monthly statement arrives in the mail.  The tips that are listed above in moneybumper are not the only ones that are available there are many more that will also help to ensure that your accounts are safe.  The more safety measures you have in place the more your accounts will be safe.

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