How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts without Offending Anyone?

Santa with saving money tips

You’ve made your gift list, checked it twice and OMG, and are there really that many people I know?! Keep your budget from being bah humbugged by your generosity with these strategies.

First you should try and limit on who you give gifts to. You don’t need to give everybody at work you say hi to a gift or your 4th cousin twice removed. A Christmas card or some cookies is a good option. Cashing out your credit card rewards is also a good strategy. Many people don’t think of using their credit card rewards but cashing out around the Christmas season would give you enough for stocking stuffers. Giving to charity is another wonderful option. Many communities and local churches have special charities for Christmas where you can give to one in a person’s name. Here are eight other smart ideas you can try this holiday season.

Cut Out the Adults – Most Adults with children would honestly prefer if you just give gifts to their children. They will even tell you what they want or need. It helps the parents out big time. One less gift to get the kids!

 Rotate Recipients – This is a good idea for families who get together and business parties that are every year.

 Agree to Get Crafty – This is what I personally do when I am short on funds to get gifts. Even if you’re not that crafty baking cookies and putting them in a pretty tin is a good gift. Use your talents! Most people prefer gifts that actually done by their love one then just a gift card they might lose.

 Think In Tiers – This is another strategy I personally do. I create tiers. The top tier gets the special treatment (your kids, husband, siblings, and parents). The other tiers would be up to you. Second tier could be the crafty gifts and the bottom tier gets the cookies and cards.

Focus on Experiences – People like gifts that you can tell someone put some thought into it. Gifts from the heart show that you know them and you care about them. The best way to find the perfect gift and not spend too much is using your experiences with that person.

Pick One and Be Done – Now this is a good idea but it is very hard to be discipline when buying gifts during the Christmas season. I suggest bring a buddy to go shopping with you so you can have support on staying on track.

Set Aside Cash – This is another idea I use. I set aside money every month just for Christmas. Then in November that is the money I use for gifts and that’s it. It not only helps with over spending but it encourages you to look for deals that give you more bang for your buck.

Block Up the Chimney – Again charity starts at home and what great way of showing the true meaning of Christmas by just spending time with family and helping and giving your time to others.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and New Years!!!

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