Role of Organization in Self Improvement of Employees

self improvement

Self- improvement of oneself considers the improvement of the status and character of the employee. The organization has a role to play in this as the character of a person will depict his or her identity and not only that but also proclaim the whole image of the organization. This shows how an organization is responsible of to its employee. Women are interactive and willing to carry out their task due to who or what they are and this most likely has its root on the modelling of their character to who they are by the organization.


It’s the duty of the organization to monitor every step and undertaking made by their employees in their daily transactions and keeping them in check as most of them tend to become reluctant and ignorant of their duties. In his disabled states he makes a point to arrive at the train station as early as possible so as to catch up the train and board it in a more comfortable state. With high ticket expenses he had paid to the Amtrak, surprisingly, the train took off as soon as possible, yet they already knew that there was a disabled person to aboard the train as indicated in his profile.

Engaging the employees in resource groups

It’s the role of the employers to engage their employees in quality mentoring and resource groups. Resource groups are very important as they will be used to depict if the organization (employers) is running them well as expected. To get this right, if the organization is running them well, the result will be that most of these engaged employees will join the resource group, else, it will be an indication that the organization is mistreating or misusing its employees. Also the organization has the role to encourage for diversity and protect its employees from such inhumane acts as female discrimination, disability or even racial. This improves the presentation and gives the employee the courage to be within the organization.

Educating the employees

Again the organization is responsible to teach its employees on how to address politely their customers they are serving as it is their responsibilities to do so. The Amtrak organization has the task of making an awareness to its employees and giving them the protocols to follow while handling different instances within their workplace, not only for the good of the organization but also it will ensure that the employees gain self- skills on how to work out on their problems and how to interact with the people around.

Giving employees their basic freedom of expression

The organization has to let its employees to freely express their feelings and ideas without any mistreatment as from these the employees will be able to gather on more information they were not aware about. To have an innovative workforce an organization will need to have a team of employees having different of set of skills in different sectors which may be related or different. The organization should play a major role in encouraging such great ideas without ignoring them as they will develop the employees at individual levels and also bring changes across the global boundaries.

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