How To Use The Principles Of Guest Blogging To Grow Your Show

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Often times, when you start blogging or probably, networking, you will discover in no time that you get more people visiting your blog, reading your blogpost, commenting on them, and even sharing them. You’ve been sharing great and thrilling blogpost, and you’ve been consistent in sharing them. Days go by and even months passed by and you’ve probably gotten a nice feeling about your blog being a success, but all of a sudden, that little traffic you had which seemed unending is nowhere to be found. No comments, no sharing, no visits; and then you wonder why? It’s as though hell broke loose on you. So you wonder how friends and fellow bloggers are making it through in their blog while yours is still crawling to get up to its feet.

You are so confident of it and you even know it’s not as though you have no idea of growing your show, it just appears not to be working out that way you expected.

The solution is easy and simple. It’s about applying the principle of ‘guest blogging’

Guest blogging is a tool that can boost your exposure. It can also boost your reputation. When you start a new blog,there is a possibility that your posts and contents have a problem reaching a vast number of audience, even if it is excellent and thrilling. You can get people visiting your website and subscribe to it by offering posts for publishing on another website. This will in the due process increase the traffic of your blog site. This is the real idea behind guest posting, and the process is termed guest blogging.

Here are few tips on how you can go about using the principles of guest blogging to grow your show.

Look out for blogs that entertain guest posts

This principle mayrequire or involve little or no mental effort as it is not very tasking as such. Even though not all websites accept guest posting, yet there are still a number of blogs that does. Source for these blogs and get your blog connected to theirs. As it stands, many blogsites have several visitors, subscribers and a number of authors. You may not find a tab or link for guest posting on these blogs but you can find out if they do accept guest posting by searching through google.

Search for popular websites with high traffic rate to guest post on

This in areal sense may not be as straightforward as it sounds but it worth your effort. The returns are usually rewarding. If by chance you are new to guest blogging, it is expedient that you search out for popular sites like The Huffington Post.  I think there may still be a problem with knowing if a site is popular but it’s easy to know through the help of tools like Alexa, Yahoo! Site Explorer or Quantcast. These tools determine websites popularity based on different factors. For example, Alexa which stands as the most popular traffic ranking service todaytracks traffic statistics of websites and provides a numerical rank based on the data that they collect.

Consider your niche when guest posting

Guest posting on popular sites may be a little bit difficult but here is an alternative which actually may prove rewarding. The alternative is to guest post on your niche. It is more profitable and makes better sense to guest post on your blogging areas i.e your niche rather than on a heavily trafficked site because it gives you a better chance of earning reputation when you introduce your audience to your unique skill and expertise.

Promote the blog you are guest posting on

Having employed the above tips and gotten accepted for guest posting on a site, it is best for you to promote their blogs by reading and commenting on their blog posts as this will help you develop a close rapport with the blog owner. You can also follow them on twitter, like their page on Facebook and share their posts on several other social media. It’s just simply like employing the tactic of reciprocity.

Stick to the rules of the blogs

On the short run, you may eventually discover that the blog has some principles or rules which you are enjoined to abide with. Doing this will present you to the blog owner as a responsible guest blogger.

Pen your pitch

You’ve gotten through all stages and employed all principles but now is the time to pen and email your pitch; you can’t afford to make it wrong here. Here are few tips to help you draft a perfect pitch.

  • Begin with the relationship; it’s important if no more than the standard of your writing
  • Make it concise as much as possible.
  • Be personal and casual; everyone appreciate efforts put into the finding of
  • Keep it fun.
  • Proofread over and over to check for grammatical and punctuation errors.

So conclusively, guest posting on another blog gives you a chance of sharing your write-ups, contents and expertise with a vast number of audience. It has always been the secret and the truth behind the rising of several popular bloggers out there. If you haven’t gotten a taste of guest blogging, I guess it’s time you give it a try.

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