Preparing for Retirement in a Holistic Way

preparing for retirement

Retirement is a massive deal to most people and if not successfully prepared for, it can literally turn your world upside down. There are so many aspects to retirement one being having enough money to live out the “golden days” in peace. But it’s not all about money as you will find out later on in this post. I will show you why it’s so important to take a holistic approach to preparing for retirement and what you can do to get a head start.

It’s not all about money

Even though money does play a big part in a retiree’s future it is not all that we need to think about. Just because you have finished with your life’s work and are ready to move onto a new lifestyle doesn’t mean it will be a happy transition. There are many factors as to why some people don’t find happiness in retirement

  • When people refer to as being retired, they see it as being close to the end of their life. Not only can this cause people to be nervous and suffer mental anxiety but also can be a common cause of depression.
  • After being in a full time career for their entire lives it’s hard to suddenly go to having free time all day, every day. It’s tough to work out what your hobbies and things you enjoy when you reach retirement age.
  • Many people can feel isolated when they’re not working hard day in day out. It’s tough for people to fully cope with retirement and again this can cause mental issues.

As you can see by some of the points above its not all happiness and fun. Many people see Not worrying about getting up for work or having to worry about when you’re going to get laid off as a good thing but in reality there are just as much worries after retirement which you can reduce with just some small preparations.

So what’s the holistic approach?

A holistic approach is basically looking at retirement from more than one angle, As a whole. You see many people look at retirement with one angle such as money or being sat in a care home but many people fail to take a holistic approach. You have to think of other aspects such as happiness and well being, possible obstacles you may face,  how much money will you actually need. All of these aspects are taking more of a holistic approach to retirement and if you can manage to plan as much as possible you’ll have less stress in the future.

Ways to prepare

As I discussed in the previous section retirement is not a nice reward for working your whole life, there is still many aspects to think about and this is where taking a holistic approach comes in. Here is some good tips to prepare yourself for the “golden years” of your life.

Think about your pensions

Yep that’s right. Don’t forget to prepare for your retirement by getting your pensions in order. When you have retired you need a weekly/ monthly source of income in order to live. With your pensions you can sure live off this and not worry to much about where your next meal is coming from.

Get yourself a hobby

Most people will be sat there right now thinking “but everyone has a hobby”. You would be surprised how many people focus so much on their career and job throughout their lives that when they finally retire they are stuck with what to do. If you can take up a hobby such as dancing or hiking then you are on your way to filling your schedule up with fun things to do. Plus it keeps you active which is always important.

What possible obstacles will you face?

Retirement isn’t as relaxing as many people think it is. As a matter of fact it can be one of the most stressful times of your life if you’re not prepared for it and jump straight in at the deep end. What possible obstacles could you face in retirement? Maybe an unforeseen expense or maybe your health may get worse in your older days. Whatever it may be you need to prepare for whatever may come your way.

Think about what you want in your retired years

What do you want in your retired years? Do you want to go to a retirement home or do you want to stay in your current home. Maybe even find yourself a beautiful apartment to live out the rest of your days in peace. Whatever it maybe make sure you put the right steps in place in order to make that happen. How much money will you need, what will you need before you get there, every outcome needs to be planned and prepared.

Get used to your partner

In your younger days you and your partner do not see each other all the time. Many of you will go to work all day and then spend the evening with your other half and have some time together. When you’re both retired you both need to realise that you’re both going to be spending a lot of time with each other. Many people forget about this part of retirement and overlook it only to be sick of seeing their partner twenty-four hours a day. Be prepared for this situation.

Whatever it may be that you want in retirement. It is vital that you make the preparations in order to live out the rest of your life in a stress free environment. Retirement isn’t all doom and gloom and can be incredibly lucrative if you’re financially set for what is going to happen in the future. As well as being financially set you want to make your hobbies and your certain interests clear. If you take a holistic approach to retirement and really tackle every aspect of retirement you can live out the rest of your life stress free.

It’s not that retirement is tough it is that certain people make it tough. As well as making sure you’re happy in your retirement your partner must be ready to face it with you. So just remember,if you plan ahead and work out your “retirement plan” down to the last detail it will be a lot easier than if you roll the dice and take it by chance.

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