Managing Costs While On Maternity Leave


If you are pregnant and are getting ready to leave your place of employment for maternity leave you have probably figured out that the United States is not very giving with its maternity policies.  You might be lucky enough to work for a company that has great benefits and a great maternity policy is part of those benefits.  In that case you do not need to worry about the costs as much as people without those benefits.  Most women who go on maternity leave will find that they will have a much lower amount of pay than if they are working.  Therefore the expenses of having a baby and learning to live on the lower amount of pay can give you unwanted stress.  Here are some great tips to help you manage your costs while on your maternity leave.

Accept Assistance

As a new mother you will find that many people will be offering you help.  It is recommended that you not be stubborn and you take them up on their offers.  You can put them to work by helping you do the dishes, laundry, or helping you just clean up the house.  This extra help can leave you some free time to take care of other things that might be a little more important.  Once your maternity leave is over and you are required to go back to work you should accept the help from your friends and family when they offer to take care of the baby.  Childcare can be very expensive and if you are trying to cut costs free childcare is not something you will want to turn down.

Enjoy Free Meals

Once you have your baby you will soon find out that most visitors will not show up empty handed.  If you have friends that are parents already you will find that more often than not these parents will show up with a cooked meal for you.  This is something that when you want to eat it all you have to do is stick it in the over to warm it.  There are also many churches or mom groups in your area that will bring you meals.  This will cut your grocery budget way down.  Not only will it help you to save money but you will also have extra free time because you will not have to cook.

Join New Parent Clubs

There are many clubs in your area that are available for new parents.  Not only will these clubs be a great support group for you but they can also help you to get discounts and deals or at least tell you where you need to go to get these.  The other benefit of these clubs is that you make friends, have play dates and even potluck dinners.

Maximize Your Benefits

Most new moms who work already know what kind of maternity benefits they are going to get but what many do not realize is that often times the new father will also have maternity benefits from his place of employment.  This can help to make the costs of having a baby and losing wages a little more manageable.  You should contact each human resource department to be sure that you are using the benefits to the maximum potential.  You will never know what kind of benefits you are missing out on until you ask.

Having a new baby can be a very exciting time in your life but there can also be some extra financial stress.  If you follow the tips above you will find that some of the financial stress may be relieved and you will not have to worry as much and you will be able to enjoy the new baby much more.

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