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If you are working full time but also have a side business you might find that you do not have much money at all for the business that you run on the side.  Therefore it is often hard to advertise and the free marketing techniques that are talked about require so much energy that it does not pay for you to bother with those.  What many people do not realize is that there are some great ways to generate a customer base without spending a large amount of money or using up what little energy you do have.  Read on to learn more about these techniques that have been proven to work for many others.

Referrals By Word Of Mouth

One of the easiest ways to get more business is through your previous customers.  If you do very good work and your customers are happy more than likely they will give you a referral to others who could use your services.  This is one of the best ways to have your business grow.  The reason behind this is that people trust their friends and family to give them a good recommendation to turn when looking for certain services.  It is a whole lot easier to ask someone then looking in the telephone book or even on the Internet.  If you want your business to grow you should ask your customers to be sure to tell their friends about you.

Use Social Media

One of the most popular ways to get news out about your business is through social media. Almost everyone is on social media these days and it continues to grow everyday.  There are many different social media sites that your customers will probably be using.  They can be Twitter, Facebook or other sites such as Instagram or LinkedIn.  Social media sites can also help you when a customer is trying to find someone in your field of professional services.

Give Away Something

Many successful businesses have started with giving something away.  People do not frequently want to purchase something the very first time they hear about it but if it was offered as a free trial they will have a different feeling about it and may jump at the chance to try it.  The free item does not have to be something large.  It can be a something simple that you use to lure in customers for future business.

The Chamber Of Commerce

Another good idea to market your business is to join the Chamber Of Commerce.  Most of these chambers will host events that you can use to network your business.  These can be anything from meet and greet events to others that will have a special person who is speaking.  By simply joining these groups you can get cheap or even free advertising and can connect with the people in your area to promote your business.

Offer A Groupon

A newer way of getting extra business for your side business is to offer a deal through Groupon.  This is a great marketing tactic that will get new people to come visit your company and give you the opportunity to show them what your business can do for you.  It will need to be a good deal so that you can still make a profit but that will show your customer that they are getting a good deal as well.

Having a side business as well as a regular full time job can be a difficult task to accomplish.  It can be even more difficult to market your business without spending a lot of money.  These marketing ideas can offer some guidance to help you build your customer base.

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