Ten Great Resources to Find Content for Your Blog


Searching and finding the right content for your blog is not an easy task. If you really want to get the right content for your blog, it can take you like days and sometimes even months if don’t know how to go about it. Some people even quit blogging just because they don’t have the right content that fits their blog. Do not let that be your path; read this article to find the right content for your blog today!

Below are ten great resource to find content for your blog.

Through Blog Comments

By going through another people’s blog post and checking their comment section, you are able to come up with your own content using some important and useful comments other people made. Sometimes it is not about going to other people’s blogs but you can come up with new ideas and great content from comments people make on your own blog.

Guest Posting

Finding great content is not only about you doing all the work but it sometimes requires extra work that getting someone to come up with some of the content for you. You can do this by allowing people to guest post on your blog.

Using Blogrolls

While some think that blogrolls are out of date, many bloggers still use blogrolls to share what they are reading. You can get ideas by visiting the blogs of those of your favorite blogger reads, and see what ideas you can get from them.

Checking other blog’s popular posts and top tips

A whole lot of bloggers have category lists for top ten tips and popular posts in their navigation menu on their site. You can have a look at them and see what’s there and use them to build your own content from. Click through these posts, read them and see what made them popular and take inspiration from them in creating your own content.

Using Social Bookmarks

By using social bookmarks such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, BizSugar and others, you are ableto find a whole new content. By searching these sites you can get a really good ideas from people’s articles that have been saved there, checking the most popular post there.

Blog Resources

Another way to get content is to sites that offer a great collection of blogs. Sites like Scribnia, Alltop, Technorati and others are a great source for finding content and also finding authors and bloggers of a particular post based on a certain niche. This can really help you target content to get inspiration from.

Social Networks

Social Networking sites such as twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Slideshare and others serve as a good place for finding great ideas for new content. For instance on twitter, you can jump into the weekly blogchat discussion. This will help you get new ideas for your own blog. You check out what’s trending on these sites and other people’s post to get new ideas for building new content.

Google Search and other search engines.

Google search can also be a great source and tool for coming up with new content. You can just search for other blogs that are in the same with you and see what they are about and what is trending on their site to come up with your own content.

Freelancing Sites

In finding great content, you should also try checking freelance site. Like if you can’t come up with that great article, why not get help from another person. Just hire a freelancer at any freelance site such as upwork and elance to do the job for you. You can edit their ideas to what suits you if you don’t really like what you’ve been presented with. It does not cost that much to hire someone on these sites.

Being Observant

Another great important way is to be very observant in your own surroundings. You can have great ideas for some niches if you pay attention and observe some activities that you can use to come up with your own articles. This will help you have more unique and genuine articles.

You can see that there are a lot of ideas that you can get from places you are already using but may not have thought of. I have given just ten ways to great resources for finding good content for your blog – but there’s bound to be a ton more.

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