How To Entertain Children While On A Tight Budget

entertain children on a budget

If you are a parent whether a single parent or not you are probably already on a tight budget.  We are always looking for ways to cut costs wherever it is possible and unfortunately that can affect the everyday life.  One thing that becomes a particular challenge is how to keep your children entertained while you are on a tight budget.  If you do not want to select the obvious choice of television and video games you might be stumped as to how to entertain them and keep them happy and fulfilled.  Here are some ideas that have been used to entertain children for many years.  Hopefully these ideas will work for you as well.

Spend Time In The Kitchen Baking

One perfect way to entertain your children while at the same time you are teaching them skills and saving money is to get into the kitchen and start baking.  This is a practical skill that your children will learn and can use later on in life.  But the good news is that you are saving money as well.  Instead of going to the store to purchase prepackaged breads, cookies, cakes and other treats you are making your own which is also better for you too.  Your children will also have fun while baking because they love to help and get involved. Of course the treats to eat when finished is a big help as well.

Arts And Crafts

One of the obvious ways to spend time with your children and keep them busy is to have arts and crafts time.  It is also the perfect time for you to decide to become a child once again and join in the arts and crafts fun.  You can start this activity by putting all of the supplies such as paper, crayons, paints, markers, and anything else you need on the table.  Once you are all set up then you can let creative time begin.  This can lead to hours of fun and creative pictures to hang on the wall.

Visit Your Local Library

The library can be a great friend to you and your children.  Not only is it free to visit and check out books as well as movies most libraries have special events that will help to keep your children occupied.  These activities include readings from popular authors as well as movie screenings and discussion groups with family activities afterwards.

Visit Museums And Parks On Their Free Days

During the years every museum and park will hand out free passes to be used on certain days of the year.  When you receive these you should put these dates on the calendar so that you will not forget about them and you can then give your children a special day to learn about different things such as art, history, science, geography and even nature.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at different places is not only a good way to keep the children busy but it will also teach them about life.  A good place to start volunteering is by working with a pet shelter.  Children love animals and being able to help feed them, walk them and cuddle them is a perfect opportunity for them.  You can also check with other charities in your area to see if they have any room for volunteers that are children.  You might be surprised as to what you can find.

Keeping children occupied is not an easy task.  This is made even more difficult when it is cold outside and you cannot put them outside to burn off some energy.  However by using some of the tips above you will find that you are keeping the children entertained but not breaking your budget either.

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