Personal Injury Claims and Credit Card Laws

You might have heard about no win no fee claims from attorneys. This means that if they don´t win the case for you then they don´t collect any fee. But if they do win they collect a fee. The fees can vary and sometime be even up to 50% or more. Usually if the case is settled out of court the fee might be less. If the case goes to court then the fee could be higher.

Credit cards also come into play regarding personal injury claims. This can be the case in two different legal scenarios.

Credit card insurance

When you use a credit card to buy something it can be covered under the credit card insurance depending on the terms and conditions of the card. For example, if you buy a motorcycle with the card it might be covered for theft and damages if there is an accident. Personal injury might or might not be covered so you should check this when you apply for the card and when you make a purchase. Credit card laws in your area also might put limits upon this type of personal injury coverage and claims. A personal injury lawyer could help you if you have a claim and the credit card company does not want to cover your costs.

Credit card payment

You might have a personal injury claim against you and wish to pay by credit card. The legal limitations on this type of payment vary from place to place. You might be allowed to pay, but there might be an extra fee when using this type of payment. No win no fee claims might or might not fall under these restrictions so legal counsel would be helpful in determining your right to pay with a credit card. Lawyers that specialize in these claims would know the specifics.

No win no fee claims

Whenever you hire a lawyer that states that there is no fee unless you win the case, make sure you have this agreement set in writing. Read the agreement very carefully and note if there are any exceptions. For example, there might be a personal injury claim minimum. That is, if the claim is very small the attorney might cover themselves with a clause that requires payment in this case. Also a time clause might be included in the contract. In this instance if the case work goes over a certain time, usually a few weeks to months, then the attorney will begin to charge for his or her services. The charges might also be retroactive and you would have to pay for services since the beginning of the attorney’s work on your case.

In credit card purchase the laws and conditions might make a difference in personal injury claims. This can depend on the card contract and the purchase you made with the card. Payment to personal injury lawyers might also have restrictions or fees associated with paying by credit card. Finally, no win no fee claim services can vary so it is important to read the contract carefully.

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