The best ways to diversify your property portfolio

Diversity plays a crucial role in a property investment portfolio and how it may influence your prospects within the property market. One of the major reasons why diversifying portfolios is such a sensible and appealing idea is to…

10 Super Awkward Money Situations and How to Handle Them Like a Pro

awkward money situation

Just the thought of talking about one’s personal finances is often enough to induce extreme discomfort, what more if you are subjected to embarrassing situations that involve money and the word ‘awkward’ seems too weak to describe what…

New Year’s Financial Resolutions : Get Finances in Shape

finance shape

New Year’s Day is often the perfect opportunity to get refreshed and put your life back in order, and keep resolutions for a few months. But too many overlook one key aspect of their life: finances. As you…

How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts without Offending Anyone?

Santa with saving money tips

You’ve made your gift list, checked it twice and OMG, and are there really that many people I know?! Keep your budget from being bah humbugged by your generosity with these strategies.

Should You Rent or Buy a House?

rent or buy

With the economy in the shape that it is in currently many people are finding mortgage rates much more inviting than they did several years ago.  This is leading them to dive into home ownership much sooner than…

4 Sources Influencing Financial Behaviour

financial behavior

There seems to be a conspiracy of sources influencing how we spend and save money. Problem behaviors have us seeing fiscal problems day in and day out, in the corporate world and also in our private lives. Most…

10 Dumb Financial Failures

dumb investment

Why do so many people end up in life with no money for retirement? Why so much financial failure? There are many reasons. Here are ten.

How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Money

relationship based on money

There are many things in life that people love but one of the most popular and important things in life is money.  Of course money is also one of the most complicated subjects that exists even in today’s…

How To Have A Fun Valentine’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day has been made into a holiday where it is all about marketing and commercialism.  Many people do not like to get into the habit of falling into this marketing trap to spend money on cards, flowers…

What You Should Not Do With Your Financial Gain

financial gain

If you have recently come into some money and you now have some financial gain you are going to be careful what you do with it.  It does not matter where the financial windfall came from.  It could…