10 Dumb Financial Failures

dumb investment

Why do so many people end up in life with no money for retirement? Why so much financial failure? There are many reasons. Here are ten.

Easy Ways to Save Money as an Entrepreneur

Save Money as an Entrepreneur

Who needs to save when you have an awesome product or service right? Though having a great product or service is half the battle, there’s a lot that goes into running a successful business. Part of that means having…

How To Save Money On Wedding

save money on wedding

The wedding season is right around the corner.  This means that pocketbooks are starting to go into mourning over the cost of the wedding.  The good news is that even if you have expensive taste but not the…

Is Your Bank Account Financial Stable For Life’s Biggest Setbacks

stable bank account

These days it is important for you to know what kind of a financial situation you are in before something comes up and puts you into a financial bind.  There are several different setbacks that can happen to…

How To Avoid Overpriced Products

avois overprice products

When you are out shopping for things you need around your home you might find that paying more for an item gets your better quality, faster service or even better care.  But if you are a customer that…

The Reasons Why Women Make Better Investors Than Men

women investor

When people are speaking of the world of finance and investing more often than not the people are usually referring to the men who work in the industry.  It is a fact that only ten percent of the…

How To Entertain Children While On A Tight Budget

entertain children on a budget

If you are a parent whether a single parent or not you are probably already on a tight budget.  We are always looking for ways to cut costs wherever it is possible and unfortunately that can affect the…

How To Create a Personal Budget

perfect budget

When you think of a budget most people think it is a strict way that will lead to saving money.  It is defined by the dictionary as an estimate of your income compared to the amount of expenses…

The Financial Excuses For Not Saving Money

money excuses

Everyone has excuses for things not being completed in their life.  We make excuses for not going to the dentist, not paying a bill, and not doing the laundry.  Of course there are also excuses for not saving…

3 Shrewd Investment Ideas for Your January Bonus

Shrewd Investment

Whether you are a recent college graduate working on your first job or you have been in the workforce for years, you may eagerly be looking forward to receiving your January bonus this year. Depending on where you…