Blog Commenting – A Practical Guide for Bloggers

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A Blog is an informational site that is published on World Wide Web that consist discrete entries that are also known as posts in reverse chronological order. Until 2009 Blogs were an effort of single author but now these blogs are written as multi-author blogs (MABs). In this type of Blogs, the content is written by someone else while it is edited by professionals before being published. There are several blogging platforms available in the world of blogs but WordPress is the most popular because of some very basic reasons that are going to be discussed in this article. The first question that needs to be answered before moving ahead is that what basically WordPress is and what does it offer its customers.

Blog Commenting and SEO has been a hot topic in the world of internet. It has been discussed online now for very long period of time and it is one of the most asked and hot topic. Back link building is an essential element of blog commenting and it plays a vital role in developing a good ranking of your website. Developing backlinks are highly important but they need time so here in this article we are going to look into some easy ways to generate back links.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to a new or old website. Those who own a blog they are aware of the importance of blog commenting and they also realize the fact that an effective blog commenting strategy is going to help them in long term. By developing an effective blog commenting strategy you make sure that the back link graph remain constant or it may rise with better performance.

We always talk about marketing strategies but here we are going to talk about the effective ways for blog commenting. Following are the few things that we are going to talk about.

  • Creating connection
  • Creating backlinks
  • Driving Traffic

As we are aware of the importance of blog commenting thus it is necessary to develop a blog commenting strategy by creating backlinks. We need to keep in mind the fact that there is a big difference between commenting on every blog and blog commenting. The idea presented here in this article is to improve page rank and improve domain authority by generating more and more backlinks.  The biggest benefit that a blog owner gets because of blog commenting is that its blog gets high amount of traffic that means that you will be able to generate high profits.

Following are the Seven Benefits of Leaving Comments on Other People’s Blogs.

  1. The first benefit that you get when you leave comment on others blog is that you are actually building your own profile. When you will leave a comment you will be known by other commenter thus you will be popular.
  2. It is a brilliant way to showcase your expertise. You may share what you know or share the experiences that are going to help you build your credibility.
  3. You will get to know about other bloggers. When you are going to leave a comment on someone’s blog you are actually getting on the radar of another blogger.
  4. If you are also a blog owner then it can act as a way to drive traffic towards your blog. As you are going to comment on the blog as a result of commenting on someone’s blog people might check out your blog too.
  5. Whenever you get into a conversation you may get new and unique ideas. By commenting on blogs you may get into a conversation and there is a chance that you may get a unique idea.
  6. By reading comment you are actually staying sharp. That means that you know that what is currently happening in your industry.
  7. By commenting on the blog you may create an opportunity for yourself. You might get a good opportunity if the people who read your comments are impressedby your comments.

The only drawback of Leaving Comments on Other People’s Blogs

The basic problem of leaving comments on others blogs is that if you are not a serious reader then either you won’t add a useful comment to the blog or you may add a comment that may hurt the reputation of the blog. The blog owners are aware of the fact that blog commenting is a technique to grow traffic a way to earn healthy profits while on the other hand it might go the negative to hurt your blog badly as stated above.

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