10 Ways to Make Your Blog Persuasive

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In July 2011, there was an estimate of 164 million blogs which was an increment from 3 million in 2004, and even still, the increment has been persistent till now. There are many bloggers all over the world and hence more competition for various niches, and starting out as a blogger may be a little bit tedious and discouraging. Many bloggers have made it to the top of the list and you wonder how they made it. I tell you, the returns of a blogger is very much dependent on his posts and contents which in turn determines the number of subscribers and readers.

This post will help you in writing persuasive and convincing blog posts which if you apply will drive you audience and subscribers.

1. Attractive Headline

Practically, in real life, people address us the way they see us whether we take it or leave it. The tendency of people reading your blog is very much dependent on how flashy and attention grabbing the headline is. Not many readers have the time to go through posts especially when the headline already seems boring to them. So to make your blog persuasive, drive your audience with your headline. Make it mind captivating.

2. It must be facts

The truth about many things we read that people call facts is that, they can always be verified. Internet and technology have made this easy. So you can’t afford to just write anything on your blog. It has to be authentic and based on proven facts. This, in turn, will motivate and drive more audience because they, of course, would consider it reliable.

3. Write with authority

Write with authority and be sure to give instances that resonate with readers. Be a master of your pen. When you write, make readers assured that you have a clear understanding of what you are writing and not just trying to blog about anything.

4. Bullet points

In making your blog persuasive for readers to read, it’s best to make use of bullet points so as to place your blog information in hierarchical relevance. This, of course, makes your blog orderly and more persuasive.

5. Avoid use of ambiguous words

Not every reader has the time to start searching for the meaning of ambiguous words just to read a blog. Make your contents as simple as possible and they should say something significant and relevant. Your choice of words and phrases should always be aimed at conveying information to the reader in the best simple way.

6. Avoid errors and blunders

Before you make your blog contents live, be sure you have proofread and edited necessary parts in order to check for errors.

7. Pictures and Illustrations

Like when we were in toddler classes, we all love to point at pictures far more than counting a long line of numbers which at times gets us boring. Amazingly, this is still an essential tendency of many readers. Integrate pictures into your posts on your blog. It persuades readers to read beyond the word content. It drives the attention and focus of the reader.

8. Arrange

When one of my close friends checked into a blog, I could notice an expression of dissatisfaction written all over his face and this prompted me to ask why. He sharply answered that the blog was not well arranged and organized; he then checked out immediately. So it is with many blogs today. But you can save your blog from dissuading readers and subscribers by arranging the contents and making it orderly.

9. Make it colorful

You may never know the positive effect colors can bring on your blog until you try it out. Meanwhile, in your quest to make your blog persuasive, make sure to use colors that match so as to avoid color blocking. Color blocking on a blog is a real fast way to piss off readers; avoid it.

10. Tone

The tone is expressed through the building of sentences, phrasing, and choice of words. As you are blogging and writing, put the tone of your piece into consideration. Suppose you are blogging to create an awareness on scholarship chances or bringing to notice of readers the latest fashion trends, make sure to not lose the blend. Short and precise sentence are indications of urgency. They thus persuade readers to take a stop to check the piece while long sentences may cause the reader to lose track in their thoughts.

The greater chance of how persuasive a blog will be lies greatly in the qualities and attributes of its content. Other things may be secondary to this because it’s the content most times that drives audience (especially for visitors) to a blog before getting to see other make-ups of the blog. It’s mainly the content that brings audience satisfaction as long as they can find answers to their questions, and facts to benefit from.

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